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October 2001

Bram Moolenaar, treasurer of ICCF Holland, visited the Kibaale Children's Centre in October 2001. These are pictures taken on this trip.

Sponsored child in bedroom Daniel Lugambwa and his brother in the house where they live. The walls are from branches and mud. The roof is made of iron sheets (slightly rusted).

House of sponsored child The same house on the outside. The grandmother takes care of ten children. They have a good garden where they grow bananas and jackfruit. They have a few goats and chicken.

House of sponsored child The house where Nabasagi Morine lives with three other children. This one has the traditional thatch roof (that leaks when it rains heavily). They are trying to save up money for a better house. That doesn't appear to progress well, it looks the same as with my previous visit.

patients in the clinic Another busy day at the clinic. Patients are waiting to visit the nurse and then collect medicine or get an injection. There are over a hundred patients on a busy day.

New laboratory The labaratory of the clinic, almost ready to be used. The man is the lab technician.

Medicine Pots of medicines, ready to count the pills and hand out to patients. A large part of the costs of the clinic goes into this.

students in the library Students use the books in the library. It is open from early morning until 9 PM.

Coffee Cephas shows a coffee tree. This provides an income when the coffee prices are good. Unfortunately, the coffee prices are very low this year. Cephas is one of the men who visit the children and find out if they need extra help.

Overview of KCC From the hills around the project you can get an overview. The building in the middle that stands out from the rest is the new administration building for the primary school. To the right of it are the classrooms. In the background houses for the teachers. In the foreground on the left the vocational school, on the right (behind the trees) the big building with the clinic.

School in the morning Eight a clock in the morning: The children line up to sing the national anthem and the school song. Late comers are running to join them.

Patrick and Ellen Patrick and Ellen have worked for the center a long time now. Patrick oversees the building activities and does bookkeeping. Ellen is a teacher. They married three years ago and now have two beautiful daughters.

Canadians The Canadian volunteers currently working at KCC. Jackie, on the left, is the overal director. Stephanie and Rebecca work in the KCF office. Gwen takes care of the library and teacher resource center. Paul is the director of education.

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