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What is ICCF Holland?

ICCF stands for International Child Care Fund. This is a small foundation that was started by a few enthusiastic people who visited the Kibaale Children's Centre (KCC). They worked there to help improve the centre, and got to know the people there and experienced the help they are giving to the needy children. After returning home, they realized that they could help KCC by starting ICCF Holland.

ICCF Holland is a foundation with very low overhead, because all work is done by volunteers. 99.5 percent of the donated money was sent to the project in Uganda in 2018. More about this in the financial reports:
2019 (PDF), 2018 (PDF), 2017 (PDF), 2016 (PDF), 2015 (PDF), 2014 (PDF), 2013 (PDF), 2012 (PDF), 2011 (PDF), 2010 (PDF), 2009 (PDF), 2008 (PDF), 2007 (PDF), 2006 (PDF), 2005 (PDF), 2004 (PDF), 2003 (PDF), 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998

ICCF Holland is officially registered in Venlo, the Netherlands, at the "kamer van koophandel" by the full name "Stichting International Child Care Fund Holland" under number 41064588. The regulations are available at request.
The foundation has been given the ANBI status by the tax authorities in the Netherlands. See the ANBI pagina (Dutch only).

We work together with Kuwasha, also known as Kibaale Children's Fund (KCF). They take care of the administration for Canadian sponsors. It is part of Pacific Academy in Surrey, Canada. They are a great supporter for the school at the project and provide volunteers to keep the center running.
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Mail address:

Goudsbloemstraat 51
3812 WV Amersfoort

The board members of ICCF Holland:

Peter Ploeger (Peter AT iccf-holland DOT org)
Den Haag
Helena Posthumus (Helena AT iccf-holland DOT org)

All board members have visited the project and know the local situation. We keep in touch with the people at the project. We visit the project when possible.

For comments on the ICCF Holland pages and for more information contact Helena Posthumus (Helena AT iccf-holland DOT org).
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