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June 2003

Bram Moolenaar, treasurer of ICCF Holland, visited the Kibaale Childrens Centre in June 2003. These pictures were taken then.

 The carpentry workshop of the vocational school. The training has been going on for a while now, so that the produced items are usable. The furniture of the school is being made here now. That reduces the costs considerably.

 Fourhundred chicken together, quite noisy! The eggs are sold, the profit helps to keep the project running.

 The clinic is busy as usual. This picture was taken on a quiet day. Four nurses and assistents do treatment for patients and hand out medicin. Once a week a doctor comes to the clinic.

 One of the sponsored children, Jackline Nampuga, with family in front of their house. This is a typical house for the area: walls of clay and twigs, a roof of iron sheets. In the foreground coffee beans are drying, in the background you can see Matoke plants (a kind of banana).

 Charles, Rose and Chepas take care of the administration for the sponsored children. They translate letters and visit the children at home when needed. They also decide which children are needy enough to be sponsored.

 The secondary school has a new building with spacy classrooms. It is too small though, one class is still in the old school building.

 The vocational school has a tailoring class. Even on a Saturday children are using the machines. There is no electricity, thus the sewing machines are foot operated.

 The new school truck is used for transporting building material, fetching water and taking children to events. The truck isn't really new: This Tata model is out of production for years. It is an Indian version of an old Mercedes truck. The advantage is that parts are cheap and most mechanics can fix it.

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