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November 2004

Bram Moolenaar, treasurer of ICCF Holland, visited the Kibaale Childrens Centre in November 2004. These pictures were taken then.

Nursery school children Children playing in front of the nursery school that we built in 1993. It is always great fun to see them smile and run around.

Tailoring class One of the girls in the tailoring class. They use foot operated sewing machines, since there is no power during the daytime.

Patients at the clinic Patients lining up at the clinic for an appointment with the doctor.

Gardener cutting the grass Gardener Wallagambee is cutting the grass in front of the houses. It grows very fast in the rainy season and we like to keep it short, to be able to spot nasty creatures. I encountered a deadly snake the first evening I was at the project!

S4 Biology exams One of the tables prepared for the S4 biology practical exams. They had to examine leafs, bugs and use chemicals to analyze them. Quite complicated.

The new secondary library The new building for the secondary school library and study room. Very popular in the evening when the generator is running, the only place in town for the students that has good light.

The new secondary library inside The inside of the new secondary school library and study room.

Family I visited Arafat Mayengo and the family he is living with. One of the children I visited at home. This is a big family with a grandparent to take care of.

Geofry's Home The house where Geofry Kyomya lives, the child I sponsor myself (in the white T-shirt). It has recently been improved. We donated the kitchen, behind the house on the right. The family still suffers: The grandmother that was taking care of the children is currently in hospital.

Teacher housing A new block of teacher housing. The staff continues to expand. We provide housing to make it more attractive for teachers that have lived in the city to work with us.

Kenny Volunteer Kenny Corpeno with the child she is sponsoring.

Grasshopper A very nice looking grasshopper I encountered while doing home visits. The farmers don't like it though, it eats their crops!

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