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November 2005

Bram Moolenaar, treasurer of ICCF Holland, visited the Kibaale Childrens Centre in October-November 2005. These pictures were taken then.

EACOSS In Kampala I did a presentation for the East African Center for Open Source Software. I talked about Vim 7 and ways to make money with Open Source software. It was good to get to know the people there. The questions they asked me indicated they know what they are doing. They are only starting, I hope to visit them again next year and see the progress they made.
Kitayimbwa Richard One of the children I have visited at home. Richard (far left) lives in a simple home with his younger brothers. He goes to S1 (first class of secondary school).
Nabasagi Moureen Moureen lives in a house that is made of twigs and clay. Their kitchen collapsed a few months ago, they now have to cook outside. We will help them build a new kitchen.
Arafat Mayengo Arafat is growing rabits to make a bit of extra money for the family.
Zebras Zebras in Lake Mburo national park.
Impala Impala in Lake Mburo national park.
Crested cranes Crested cranes, the national bird of Uganda.
Mzungus The Mzungus (white people) at the project. From left to right: Karla Buchholz, Arleen Buchholz, Karl Buchholz, Bram Moolenaar, Laura Chaplin, Kenny Corpeno, David Frith, Ruth Frith.
Thoms store in Kibaale A typical grocery store in Kibaale. Thom sells the daily needs. And a cold Coke!
Latrines Another sign of progress: Portable latrines. Traditionally a toilet building is build from bricks. This is quite expensive and it becomes useless when the pit is full. I designed a solution with ironsheet in 1995, but that was a bit difficult to build and quite ugly. Now this plastic constuction is used. They can easliy be moved around, simple to keep clean and the doors actually close.
Latrines A child in P7 writing a Christmas card to her sponsor.
Latrines Shadrack Balikudembe asked me where the Netherlands can be found. It is hard to locate this small country on the world map.
Dead python A dead python on the road to the Ssese Islands ferry.

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