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Making recurring payments

If you would like to sponsor ICCF on a regular base, you can use the form below. PayPal will then take care of repeating the payment. You can cancel any moment, see below.

For more information, see the PayPal site.
Click on "Help" in the right upper corner and search for "subscription".

The costs of PayPal are relatively low. The larger the amount the lower the relative cost. Thus using a longer period with a large amount is preferred over a shorter period with a small amount.

Sponsor ICCF with Euro every
    security check: On the PayPal page the URL must start with "https://www.paypal.com/".

Your donations will help running the school and the clinic. There are always children that want to join school but do not have a sponsor yet. The clinic offers treatment to children and parents at a price they can afford. But this doesn't cover the actual costs, we need your support for that.
You can also sponsor a child this way, please see the Sponsor page for more information.


Login to your PayPal account and look for the transaction that mentions your subscription. Click on "details". It will show a button to cancel your subscription.

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